Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

John Laprise, Founder

John has been passionate and thoughtful about the Internet for decades. In academia he wrote about the advent of cyberwarfare in 1993, earning him an MA (War Studies). Later, he completed a Ph.D. (Media, Technology, and Society) from Northwestern for writing the first history of White House Internet and telecommunications policy. Laprise went on to be a professor at Northwestern's Doha, Qatar campus where he taught classes on Internet policy, communications technology, and statistics.

In the private sector, Laprise has worked as a research consultant in the telecommunications and higher education industries, conducting environmental scans and competitive analyses. He has also consulted to governments and governmental bodies. He served on the steering committee for Qatar's National Broadband Plan and consulted to the Internet Governance Forum's Best Practice Fora. In the non-profit sector he has been involved with ICANNISOC, and the IGF in a variety of global leadership and membership roles.